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Wieland to invest $500M in modernization and expansion of East Alton, IL copper mill

Wieland, a global supplier of high-quality copper and copper alloy solutions, plans to make a $500-million capital investment to re-equip, expand, and modernize its facility located in East Alton, Illinois. The investment is subject to the approval of state and local incentives.


Visualization of the East Alton expansion project.

The project includes the installation of an additional hot rolling mill that will allow Wieland to increase and improve its production of critical copper and copper alloy components that are used today in advanced energy properties such as electric vehicles (EVs), EV charging infrastructure, and renewable energy production.

By significantly expanding the capabilities of the facility, Wieland aims to amplify its operational efficiency and deliver even higher standards of quality and reliability for its entire portfolio of copper and copper alloy rolled product solutions.

Wieland CEO Dr. Erwin Mayr emphasized that the modernization in East Alton—following Wieland’s modern plant in Vöhringen, Germany as a benchmark—is a testament to Wieland’s commitment to longevity and growth.

Wieland Rolled Products North America’s integrated brass mill in East Alton, Illinois is its main operating facility, which casts and rolls copper and copper alloy strip products that are sold directly to end customers; are sold to its affiliate, Wieland Metal Services; or are shipped to Rolled Products downstream operations for further value-added processing.

Originally opened in 1916 by Western Cartridge, the East Alton facility has undergone numerous expansions and is also home to North America’s largest stamper, Wieland Fabricated Products.

Wieland Rolled Products NA (formerly Olin Brass) became part of the global Wieland Group in July 2019.