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Silver Sands Commences Phase II Drill Program at the Virginia Silver Project, Argentina

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Strong news flow from drilling and exploration is expected to continue through the next few months.

7 Reasons Why Investors Should Consider Silver Sands Resources


1. Drill Results & News Flow: Phase 1 of a $2 million drill program is complete with Phase 2 started and the first drill cores sent to the lab. Drilling is focused on areas with high grade intercepts and samples – areas with grades up to 366 g/tn over 15o metres and new zones of over 2 kilometers and 1.6 kilometers with samples as high as 6,586.3 g/tn and 2,609.7 g/tn.       

2. 15 Million Ounce Resource as a Starting Point: Previous drilling delivered a resource of 15 million ounces. Drill results included high-grade Silver intercepts of 1843 g/tn, 1038 g/tn, 1402 g/tn, and 1760 g/tn. Phase 1 drilling intercepted more silver in the conceptual open pit structures and added six new silver mineralized zones. 

3. The Smart Money Invested – Twice: Eric Sprott is the Warren Buffet of mining – a billionaire mining investor with many successes and a huge following. Not only did he invest, but he increased his investment by 300% at a higher price to make him the largest individual shareholder.

4. Silver Bull Scenario: Silver is in a bull market with many observers calling for significantly higher prices this year and into the future.

5. Well Financed to Complete Multiple Rounds of Drilling: Strongly financed ($5 million raised in 2020), SAND has been funded through several rounds of exploration and won’t need to seek additional financing any time soon.

6. Structure and Valuation Provide Significant Leverage: With a market cap of less than $20 million and total shares outstanding of 54.9 million, Silver Sands is a top high-leverage silver play.

7. Seasoned Management and Geological Team: Lead by mining market veteran Keith Anderson the company has a strong geological, operational and finance focused management team.

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