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New LG EV Level 2 charging station earns UL 2594 and Energy Star certifications

Setting the stage for entering the electric vehicle charger business in the United States in 2024, LG Business Solutions USA announced that the LG 11kW Level 2 AC EV charger model EVW011SK-SN has been certified to UL 2594, the UL Standard for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, and to the EVSE Program Requirements for ENERGY STAR.


LG will enter the market with its first line of owner-operated AC and DC EV charging stations with Level 2 and 3 chargers. Tesla’s North America Charging Standard (NACS) was adopted by LG for its upcoming Level 3 DC chargers.

The UL certification process tests various aspects of electronic devices to confirm that a product complies with the specified requirements of these safety standards. The UL 2594 listing is specific to AC-powered electric vehicle charging devices and follows a process that includes environmental cycling at extreme temperatures, tests for ground fault protection and circuitry, and other intensive stress tests to verify real-world performance.

Certification to Version 1.2 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment means the LG EV charger saves energy when in standby mode (roughly 85% of the time that they are plugged in), reducing energy waste and charging costs, according to the EPA. ENERGY STAR EV chargers use industry network communication standards, meaning they are designed to work with a wide variety of other devices, such as wi-fi routers and electric utility energy management systems.

When it is launched in the United States next year, the 240V AC charger will offer owners variable power output from 3.8kW up to 11.5kW using an SAE J1772-type connector. Owners will be able to quickly and easily set up charging services through their choice of network providers, language settings, speaker volume, maximum current and load management. Audio guides will be available in English, Spanish and French.

For users, the unit will feature an LED panel that displays charging power, elapsed time, energy delivered, estimated costs and written instructions for proper use.

LG’s EVW011SK-SN charger is one of the initial models in LG’s charger lineup, some of which offer owners the ability to generate secondary revenue streams through integrated screens with advertising capabilities. The 11kW Level 2 charger is also being evaluated for compliance with California’s revenue metering standards that help assure accurate billing and measurement of power delivery.

LG’s imminent entry into the EV charging station market supports the momentum behind both public and private investment in charging stations by providing high-performance chargers at various price points and power levels, according to Michael Kosla, senior vice president, LG Business Solutions USA.