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Is Alibaba Selling Kamikaze Drones?

Is Alibaba Selling Kamikaze Drones?

Several X users allege a Chinese company on the e-commerce website Alibaba was selling a suicide or kamikaze drone under the guise of a “UAV Surveying Mapping” drone. 

“Sunlipo Energy Shenzhen Co., Ltd. was revealed to be selling a fixed-wing loitering drone, XHZ-50, for $57K on and can be shipped anywhere in the world,” one X user said

On Tuesday evening, the user noted that the listing on Alibaba mysteriously disappeared shortly after X users posted about the drone. 

Other users said:

Compare and contrast a suicide drone in Ukraine versus the Alibaba drone. 

Not all X users were convinced that the Chinese drone was capable of warfare: “In the effort of fairness what on here says “Kamikaze.”” 

However, a recent New York Times report said Ukraine has received millions of Chinese-made drones and spare parts. And these cheap drones have also been flooding battlefields in the Middle East.  

Tyler Durden
Thu, 01/18/2024 – 05:45