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Marketing Program

Social Media Management, Video, Publishing, Promotion, and Lead Generation

Being a public company today means digital marketing needs to be your primary investor marketing tool.


And why not? Targeting the largest retail investor audience that ever existed is a game changing opportunity.




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retail investors in North America

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Economics, Markets, Precious Metals, Energy & Critical Metals, and Base Metals news, opinions and research from leading experts and commentators

Your publishing and marketing platform. We’re happy to publish content you provide us, or have content written for you.

Impress investors by the company you keep.  We publish over 200 articles daily from over 150 high value sources.  Plus, news releases for all Canadian listed mining companies.


65% of our traffic comes from the US, followed by Canada, Germany, Australia, the UK, and Norway

Investor Marketing Program Features

Social Media Management

High value posts.  Information focused – 3 posts per week – Twitter, FB and LinkedIn.  Company, mineral, area play and markets – news and articles.  

Advertising & Promotion

Includes banner advertising that runs throughout and sister website InvesBrain plus promotion via NXTmine social media channels.

Video Production

Includes one video per month produced for maximum social media impact – news releases and interviews – with subtitles

Lead Generation Plugin

Custom lead generation or financing support plugin on all your content and pages on – can be placed on your website as well

Free Publishing on

Publish unlimited articles or content on at no cost.  Includes promotion of articles through NXTmine social media


Metrics, Governance & Reporting

Social media and website traffic reporting and analysis with optional social media post review, edit and approval process.  As much data and control as you want.

NXTmine Social Media Management

“Social media can deliver the highest ROI, by a long shot, of any investor marketing tool ever created. If they know what they’re doing, public companies of any size can affordably access millions of investors. When has that ever happened before?”


Our program performs like one that costs 5x more

We drive engagement rates 300%+ higher than industry benchmarks.


Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.



We publish three to five custom posts per week including news releases, company articles, area play or sector news, mining news, markets, and metals news.


We know how to speak mining.

We connect the NXTmine content stream to your social media and make it a must follow for investors


We use NXTmine’s content stream of over 200 articles daily from over 150 high quality sources to make your social media perform like a program that costs 5X more. 


Investors need more than company news to stay interested. They need to be informed. We’ll select and post high information value articles directly to your feeds several times a week.


Click the logos below to see examples of the social media programs we’ve run for some of our clients..


NXTmine produces investor videos designed for social media. 

Traditional talking head interview videos don’t cut it on social media and neither do corporate videos.

We mix together video footage, interviews, photos, and graphics with voiceovers and sub titles to create videos designed to drive sharing. 



In 2022, NXT’s management leveraged its many years in the video production business to develop a video first, engagement focused social media solution for Fortuna Silver Mines across Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


The program delivered Twitter engagement rates 400% to 700%

higher than Fortuna’s peers.


  • We’ll design, produce and run your ads across on a continual basis.
  • We’ll rotate your content and news releases through featured positions.
  • We’ll promote your news releases and articles on NXTmine’s social media.


If you’re planning a financing and want to build an order book, or just want to generate signups and leads, the NXT plugin is a powerful tool for attracting international and Canadian investors.


The custom plugin sits on all your content and pages on, and can be added to your website at your option.  Completely customizable to achieve a range of goals.


Transparency and ROI drive our business and programs.  We provide social media and website traffic reporting and analysis that quickly tells us what works and what resonates with your audience. 


We also offer an optional social media post review, edit and approval process.  We have extensive corporate governance experience and knowledge and can offer you as much data and control as you want.

Ask Us About Performance Driven Campaigns

Investor marketing should be an ROI driven business where costs are minimized and the focus is on upside. When we’re running campaigns our preference is to align our interests with our clients by only charging for cash costs and look for a mix of stock options or equity depending on the exchange.



We like to bet on ourselves. Ask us for details

Introducing NXT’s influencer targeting and marketing program: the NXTignite platform contains a global database of 3.6 million social media mining share-holders, investors, executives and followers.

All inclusive
program for

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