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Mining Digital
Marketing Program

Content, Promotion, Lead Generation and Social Media

Being a public company today means digital marketing needs to be your primary investor marketing tool.


And why not? Targeting the largest retail investor audience that ever existed is a game changing opportunity.




Starting From

Starting From

0 Million

retail investors in North America

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of investors actively use Twitter and Facebook

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of institutional investors use Linkedin

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growth in retail investors over the last year

Economics, Markets, Precious Metals, Energy & Critical Metals, and Base Metals news, opinions and research from leading experts and commentators

Over 50,000 visitors a month. Up 100% from the beginning of the year.

We publish over 200 articles daily from over 150 high value sources.  Plus, news releases for all Canadian listed mining companies.

65% of our traffic comes from the US followed by Canada, Germany, Australia, the UK, and Norway

Mining Marketing Program Features

Articles & Research

Long form articles, social media articles, interviews, research reports, exploration results brief

Advertising & Promoting

Banner advertising runs throughout and sister website InvesBrain.  Optional on-demand Google and Social Media paid advertising campaigns.   Also includes promotion on NXTmine social media

Social Media Management

Active program – 3 to 5 posts per week – Twitter, FB and LinkedIn.  Company, sector and exploration news  and articles

Lead Generation Plugin

Custom lead generation or financing support plugin on your site and ours (can be configured without financing)

Retargeting Audience Building

Build investor lists from NXTmine and your website. We guarantee you’ll build an audience of thousands of investors.

Retargeting Advertising Campaigns

Retargeting advertising campaigns targeting 25,000 investors promoting your news or articles

NXTmine Social Media Management

NXTmine’s social media program was built for jr mining companies and perfected on large caps. 


Our program performs like one that costs 5X more. 

We drive engagement rates 300%+ higher than industry benchmarks.


Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We publish three to five custom posts per week including news releases, company articles, area play or sector news, mining news, markets, and metals news.


We know how to speak mining.

Mining Social Media

Leverage the NXTmine content stream so that your social media drives action.


We use NXTmine’s content stream of over 200 articles daily from over 150 high value sources to make your social media perform like a program that costs 5X more.  We’ll post high value articles directly to your feeds, grow your followers and drive website traffic.


Click the logos below to see examples of the social media programs we run for some of our clients..

Custom Articles & Research

NXTmine develops, produces, and publishes articles, custom research reports, investor briefs, and social media content designed to attract investors and tell your story. We work with the top mining journalists and analysts in the industry to craft content that drives action A six month program comes with three full articles or one research report and one article.

Advertising & Promotion

  • We’ll design, produce and run your ads across on a continual basis.
  • We’ll rotate your content and news releases through featured positions.
  • We’ll feature your ads and content in our daily newsletters that go out to thousands of brokers and mining investors daily.
  • We’ll promote your news releases and articles on NXTmine’s social media.

Financing Support & Lead Generation

If you’re planning a financing and want to build an order book, or just want to generate signups and leads, the NXT plugin is a powerful tool for attracting international and Canadian investors. The custom plugin sits on your website, and on, and can be configured to achieve a range of goals.

Retargeting Audience Building

When an investor looks at your website or content on we capture them. No email address required. We’ll set up retargeting capture for Google, Facebook and Twitter on your website and on ours. You’ll own these lists.

Retargeting Campaigns

We’ll use your retargeting list and ours to run campaigns targeting tens of thousands of investors. You choose what you want to promote, we’ll build the ads and run the campaigns at no further cost to you.

About NXTmine

NXTmine is a modern source of news, opinion, and commentary for global mining investors. We strive to present unique insights and knowledge into the new demand and economic dynamics driving financial markets and commodity prices today.


Starting From

NXTmine Summer Special 50% Discount

$1500 per month

*6 month package