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Brunswick Exploration (TSXV:BRW) Reports High-Grade Lithium Findings in Mirage Project’s South Zone Drilling

Source: Brunswick Exploration

Brunswick Exploration (TSXV:BRW) has released new assay results from its ongoing drill program at the Mirage Project in the Eeyou Istchee-James Bay region of Quebec. The company has completed thirteen additional drill holes, primarily focusing on the South Zone of the project.

Mr. Killian Charles, President and CEO of BRW, commented: “The contiguous high-grade mineralization reported today at MR-4 is impressive. We have now traced the MR-4 pegmatite over a minimum length of 600 meters with all eleven holes returning significant lithium grades. Furthermore, two of the four pegmatites drilled and announced to date at Mirage exhibit high-grade mineralization with very coarse, pale grey, strongly fluorescent spodumene crystals that suggests potential for high-quality concentrates. I am very eager to begin our winter 2024 exploration campaign that will be designed to expand upon many of these significant intercepts while drill testing for new blind targets across this exciting property.”

In the South Zone, nine out of ten drill holes have encountered significant amounts of high-grade spodumene mineralization, with lithium oxide (Li2O) concentrations exceeding 2.0%. This mineralization is located within the MR-4 dyke. These results demonstrate consistent high-grade lithium values and continuity in both width and depth. The true thickness of the mineralization is estimated to be about 95% of the core length extracted from the drilling.

The MR-4 dyke has been drilled extensively, from the surface to depths just over 100 meters vertically. It stretches over a 600-meter strike length. The dyke is positioned at a stratigraphic contact point between metasediments and metabasalts, dipping southeast at an angle of around 45 degrees. Topographically, the dyke’s surface projection is marked by a narrow depression, with visible outcrops along parts of its length.

Two specific drill holes, MR-23-21 and MR-23-22, were located at the southwestern end of the current drilling program. While MR-23-21 intersected the dyke, MR-23-22 did not, which might indicate a potential pinch-out of the MR-4 dyke in this area. However, the discovery of a thin, mineralized dyke within the metabasalt suggests that the South Zone may still extend southwestward.

Two other drill holes, MR-23-23 and MR-23-24, were positioned 350 meters south of the initial pegmatite outcrop discovery for MR-4. These holes aimed to test the down-dip projection near the southwestern end but were halted before reaching their target areas. This was due to the conclusion of the fall drilling season. These holes are planned to be extended in the upcoming winter 2024 drilling campaign. The company’s exploration efforts indicate that the MR-4 dyke remains open for further exploration to the northeast and at greater depths.

Source: Brunswick Exploration

Highlights from the results are as follows:

  • Highest grade intercept reported to date at Mirage with 3.28% Li2O over 10.6 meters in drill hole MR-23-26 at a vertical depth of 50 meters.
  • Shallow intercept of 2.92% Li2O over 14.0 meters in drill hole MR-23-19 at a vertical depth of 46 meters.
  • 2.88% Li2O over 13.4 meters in drill hole MR-23-16 at a vertical depth of 86 meters.
  • High-grade (>2.0% Li2O) mineralization has now been reported in 9 holes in MR-4 along the entire strike length drilled to date.
  • MR-4 has been traced by drilling over a strike length of 600 meters and remains open to the northeast and at depth.
  • Assays are pending for a further 10 drill holes (MR-23-27 to MR-23-36) completed during the fall 2023 program.

Table 1: Highlights from Maiden Drilling Program at MR-4

Hole ID Zone Dyke From (m) To (m) Length (m) Li2O% Ta2O5 (ppm)
MR-23-13 South MR-4 25.3 35.7 10.4 1.45 171
MR-23-14* South MR-4 46.5 62.7 16.2 2.75 98
MR-23-15 South MR-4 91.3 104.7 15.7 2.09 49
MR-23-16 South MR-4 95.9 109.3 13.4 2.88 86
MR-23-17 South MR-4 76.0 90.1 14.1 2.24 65
MR-23-18 South MR-4 87.8 100.1 12.3 2.06 112
MR-23-19 South MR-4 68.1 82.1 14.0 2.92 70
MR-23-20 South MR-4 76.9 84.4 7.5 1.55 97
MR-23-21 South MR-4A 70.9 73.0 2.1 2.23 83
MR-23-25 South MR-4 44.7 53.6 9.0 2.57 77
MR-23-26 South MR-4 49.9 60.4 10.6 3.28 166

*Previously reported in December 4, 2023 press release.

Source: Brunswick Exploration





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