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NXT mine was built for the New Mining Bull Market

We’ve combined technology, data, and high value content to create the most advanced investor marketing solution for mining companies that exists today.

We have traction.


We’re looking for a few good companies to be our launch partners.

Exclusive Launch Partner Invitation

We’re looking for a few good companies.

What’s included in the Launch Program:

Advertising and promotion
Marketing tech

NXTmine has Traction

Our audience is growing over 12% week over week.

At our current growth rate we expect to have over 100,000 visitors a month by Christmas.


We launched NXTmine a year ago. As we’ve added more features and content, traffic has taken off.


Over 50% of our traffic is from the US. We’ve focused on smart investors who are interested in the drivers behind inflation and the price of metals and mining stocks.


And we’ve just started

NXTMine traffic growth

Our Technologies
Are Our Story

We’ve developed technology driven investor marketing programs based on our belief that advanced online B2B and B2C marketing should be applied to investor marketing. 


Our technologies integrate investor marketing across your website and ours.


Key Features 

  • Audience and subscriber capture
  • Financing order book promotion
  • Investor profiling
  • Investor interest & engagement tracking
  • Automated investor nurturing
  • IR alerts
  • Analytics & reporting

We’ve Turned Content & Research Into High
Performance Investor Marketing

Content Research

Through our research company NXTanalytic we develop and produce articles, custom research reports, investor briefs, and social media content designed to tell your story.


About NXT

“Digital marketing has become a game changing opportunity for public companies”

NXT has developed a network of high quality,
data driven investor websites focused on micro/small cap and emerging growth sectors and companies.


We’ve integrated a suite of technology based investor marketing services, providing the first comprehensive and scalable digital marketing solution for public companies.


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Our Go Public Plan

Our goal is to grow NXT fast and go public, After all, we know a thing or two about public companies and investor marketing.

We believe the best investor marketing is word of mouth so we’re gifting NXT shares to our clients.

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Exclusive Launch Partner Invitation

We’re looking for a few good companies.

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