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Avricore Health Inks Distribution Deal With Abbott Diagnostics Canada

Vancouver-based Avricore Health Inc. (TSXV:AVCR) has signed a preferred supplier distribution agreement with Abbott Diagnostics Canada to promote the medical device giant’s expanding lineup of medical devices for blood and viral illness detection.

Avricore’s core product, the HealthTab real-time data reporting platform, works with Abbott’s Afinion 2 blood analyzer, which is capable of testing HbA1c in a few drops of a patient’s blood. HbA1c is a critical marker for the screening and management of diabetes. HealthTab also works with Abbott’s ID Now analyzer, which allows for pharmacy-based screening of COVID-19 and other viruses such as influenza A and B, streptococcal A and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

“This distribution is really unique and a special accomplishment,” said Hector Bremner, CEO of Avricore Health. “Given that we are a software company, partnering with an instrument manufacturer in this way is blazing a trail on how to collaborate and bring innovation to the market.”

“Also, for a new company like ours to be able to accomplish a partnership agreement with such a large and successful partner like Abbott is a great statement about the power of our technology and how the healthcare industry looks at HealthTab.”

The companies said they expect to add more Abbott instruments to the HealthTab offering and “will be expanding the network of pharmacies aggressively” this year.

“It will allow us to distribute a range of Abbott devices throughout Canada,” said the Avricore CEO. “Some are focused on blood chemistry, others are focused on virus detection, but it allows us to place these instruments within pharmacies and network them utilizing our technology to create a real-time reporting network.”

The HealthTab data platform offers real-time evaluations of treated populations and can also provide real-world evaluation of clinical trials through the Rapid Access Safety Test Reporting, or RASTR Network which links anonymized data with electronic health records and data management systems.

HealthTab is the first platform allowing for blood chemistry results to be sent to consumers, their healthcare teams and sponsors such as researchers, insurance providers and the life-science sector.

The HealthTab data platform continues to gain supporters among government, pharmacy operators, drug makers and insurance companies because of its position as an industry leader when it comes to rapid testing and real-time reporting for a number of severe diseases, including Covid-19.

HealthTab promises enhanced access to screening and early detection of disease, better data for physicians and pharmacists to support their patients, plus new opportunities to conduct research and ensure patient safety.

HealthTab allows patients to play more of a role in their care by directly measuring and monitoring key safety tests and biomarkers of chronic disease with just a few drops of blood drawn from a finger stick. Results can be printed in store or accessed securely online.

Avricore Health & Abbott Sign Point of Care Testing Covid and Blood Analysis Deal

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