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‘Activists’ Infuriated As Dave Chappelle Explains Transgender Position In New Special

‘Activists’ Infuriated As Dave Chappelle Explains Transgender Position In New Special

If everyone pretends that the emperor has clothes when he’s naked, does that mean he’s not naked?  All it takes is one person to point out reality and break the collectively enabled delusion, so everyone must play along.  Why?  Because the delusion makes the emperor feel special and appeases his entitlement – Anger the emperor and he might make the whole nation miserable.  Just play along, what could it hurt?

The trans movement exists in this kind of bubble, a place where objective truth is no longer welcome and cognitive dissonance is encouraged for the sake of comfort.  And much like any oppressive environment the more people self censor to avoid rocking the boat the harder it is for individuals to speak their minds.  This is how consent is manufactured; by creating the illusion of consensus.  

Dave Chappelle is one of the few entertainers in the Hollywood arena that’s willing to point out when the emperor has no clothes, which is they the political left hates him with a seething passion.  Despite their consistent attempts to cancel his career, Chappelle is back with another Netflix special ‘The Dreamer.’  The comedian opens with guns blazing on the trans agenda…

…infuriating the access media yet again. The accusations are flying that Chappelle likes to “punch down” which he hilariously mentions in the special as his favorite comedic pastime. 

Activists claim punching down isn’t funny.  But is it really punching down to make fun of the trans movement?  When almost every global corporation, non-profit institution and government aggressively promotes and defends the trans ideology, wouldn’t any criticism actually be punching up?  

Also, it appears most people actually loved the show…

Ricky Gervais, who also released a special over the Christmas period, and was attacked for again not towing the woke line, is the only thing more popular on Netflix right now, prompting him to post this:

Tyler Durden
Tue, 01/02/2024 – 13:05