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ACE Green completes successful handover of emissions-free lead recycling facility to ACME

ACE Green Recycling (ACE) (earlier post) has successfully delivered the first of three phases of its proprietary zero-emissions modular lead battery recycling technology to ACME Metal Enterprise’s facility in Keelung City, Taiwan. As part of the agreement, ACE will provide equipment and proprietary chemicals to enable ACME to produce “GreenLead” in a safe, sustainable and economical way. This marks the second successful deployment of ACE’s lead battery recycling technology.


Emissions-free lead recycling through ACE’s proprietary technology

ACME is Taiwan’s leading lead recycler, with more than 40 years of successful operation. Through its partnership with ACE, ACME will become one of the largest producers of emissions-free lead, with a capacity to recycle 20,000 metric tonnes per year of lead batteries to produce about 12,000 metric tonnes of environmentally friendly “GreenLead”, generating nearly US$24 million in annual revenue for the Taiwanese company.

Lead batteries are a key element in the automotive and telecoms industries, while also playing a crucial role in the energy transition for renewable power storage. Traditionally, lead batteries are recycled via a smelting process which involves operating temperatures of more than 1,000 °C, producing significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, plus toxic solid waste that must go to landfill.

ACE’s room temperature recycling technology replaces the smelting furnace, is electrically powered, has zero Scope 1 GHG emissions and reduces solid waste by more than 85%. The process will greatly enhance ACME’s profitability and minimize its operator and environmental risks.

Phase I of the agreement for 2,400 metric tons per annum was successfully handed over to ACME in December 2023, with Phases II and III to increase annual capacity to around 20,000 metric tonnes, which will proceed later this year.

During thecontractual duration of 10 years, these facilities will enable the recycling of more than 14 million scrap batteries. This will prevent the emission of nearly 120 million kilograms of CO2e, stop 18 million kilograms of solid waste from going into landfill and enable recycling of more than 14 million kilograms of plastics, while providing high-paying, sustainable green jobs for the community.

Sales of GreenLead from ACME’s facility will reach the key markets of Taiwan and Japan, including leading battery OEMs across Asia.