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About NXTmine 

NXTmine is part of the media group of websites. Our goal is to provide insight and expertise to investors through curated, aggregated, and original content written by leading experts and commentators, together with our unique brand of analyst driven equity research.

On NXTmine we focus on Economics, Precious Metals, Energy & Critical Metals, and Base Metals news, opinions and research from leading experts and commentators. We strive to present investors with unique insights and knowledge into the new demand and economic dynamics driving financial markets and commodity prices. More than ever before, untested economics and monetary theories are driving market action. Opinions have never been so diverse and so often challenged. This creates a new set of risks and rewards that demand a new and knowledge driven approach to investing. media is based in Vancouver BC.

NXT Analytic

About NXT.Financial Media media is a technology driven investor marketing firm. We design, develop and manage programs that help public companies attract, engage, convert and manage investor audiences.

Technology. Websites. Content. Strategy.

We develop sophisticated marketing programs using targeted advertising, our investor websites, research & content publishing, investor profiling, engagement tracking and response technologies, and our many years of investor marketing expertise to develop campaigns that can be scaled depending on budget, news flow and your goals.

We also provide strategic consulting services, and design and manage programs across a range of investor marketing providers brought together for campaigns.

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